EDRM-Repaints is now 10 years old!
I never dreamed of how many fans my bit of repainting would attract and I certainly wouldn't have believed the current numbers of the statistics-page had anybody shown them to me 10 years ago.
It has been an amazing journey with countless interesting conversations, new contacts and insights. Those are the numbers today:

To show my gratitude towards all of you, I have prepared a surprise. Use your mouse to "scratch" out the field below for the big reveal!

After 10 years, I'm expanding into X-Plane!
A selection of repaints have been transformed for their XP counterparts. There is now a second download button for those repaints.

If you have no interest in XP but use P3D or vice versa, you can now also select your simulators on the left hand side of the downloads-page. If you make a selection it's saved to your IP and will remain once you return.

Available for X-Plane are, as of today: