27th November 2019
All Fokker 50 Repaints are now available for X-Plane, as well.
07th November 2019
All Falcon 50 Repaints are now available for X-Plane, as well.
17th August 2019
10 years of EDRM-Repaints!
Click here for an anniversary surprise!
30th August 2018
I have reduced the number of displayed repaints again, as some of them aren't quite up to my current standards anymore. Those repaints are however still available when checking the "show older repaints"-checkbox in the downloadsection on the left.
29th August 2018
Thanks to some internal restructuring, I can now offer a better overview in the "News" section of the website. Every repaint is pictured and a click on an announcement will automatically redirect you to the respective part of the website.
27th August 2018
During the download restructuring a while back, the checklists became unreachable. As of now, they are all available again.
19th June 2018
New site features again!
Since it has become a bit demanding to keep an overview over what's new in the downloadsection, I've added aditional markings for every paint that has been released within a month prior. (Let me know if you want another timespan) Apart from this optical addition (and some performance tweaks) there is also a very functional addition: The login is now functional for everybody who has ever submitted a request via the site's request-form. With your email as username and the request id as password you can enter an overview of your requests that provides you with the current status and, when available, download information.
28th March 2018
The website is back!
Even though there is not much difference visually, a lot has happened in the background. What you might notice on your first visit is that (within reason) the page now scales to fit your screen, and with that avoids the double scrolling on the download section. Apart from that, the page has gotten faster, more communicative towards me (as in reporting download errors so I can fix them quicker), less buggy and SSL encrypted.
07th September 2017
The Statistics feature is finally here!
It's been quite some time now since you heard anything from me and I'm most sorry for that. After my last post in february I was sucked into preparing the thesis for my studies and in a fluid transition work started for a project that aspires to lead into self-employment. To top it all of, a bit of change went through the personal life as well, which made choose to only activate this site with some news again. Speaking of which, the website has experienced a minor overhaul on the backend which should decrease load times a bit and fixed some existing bugs (for example some of you have certainly noticed that my handwritten font was gone for a few months). With the statistics feature, you have now more insights than ever. Especially on the request aspect I kept it to numbers, as I dislike the idea of showing a list because there is no order of release. The speed at which requests are fulfilled (or disregarded) depends on too many technical factors to name them all and in the end is then still subject to personal opinion of the paint scheme. Now when you access the statistics you will notice the vast amount of requests that has built up over my abscence and shortly before. Obviously, I will not be able to fulfill all those requests, as most released paints also cause some new requests to surface. For the above reasons, I do still encourage you to send in your requests, as long as you keep in mind the chances of receiving a finished paint are unfortunately significantly lower now.
22nd December 2016
Dropbox is removing their Public filehosting folders, which forced me to change the Download system for my paints a bit. However, this means there are some other improvements, including a brand new Download Counter in the specifications table of each repaint!
20th June 2016
Alongside some optical tweaks I have introduced a completely integrated, automated repaint request system today. If you have a request in the future, just fill out the form on edrm-repaints.com/request and after a short verification you will be on the to-do-list!
20th May 2015
The website has received a major update, making the downloads-section fully dynamic now. Even though that doesn't make a big difference on the client side there might occur problems if you have set bookmarks on one of my old aircraft pages. In that case you have to reset the bookmark to the new php page with the url end set accordingly.
27th September 2014
A german version of the website is available now as well!
26th September 2014
The new website has been launched!
19th August 2013
In both checklists I've removed the red FS USE ONLY from every page but the cover. Please note that anyhow, this is still meant absolutely serious.
04th August 2013
After years of searching good and detailed checklists to my various FS aircraft I finally decided to begin a series of unified checklists by myself. Of course I share them with you. To do so I've opened a new download-section. Thanks to the new Dropbox system the files will always stay up to date even if I just change a few letters in them.
28th July 2013
I'm slowly deleting older paints due to reasons of quality. Who still wants some of them can search them on simviation.com or contact me.
26th May 2013
The advertisements on the website are now disabled to provide more comfort for the visitors. Due to this step the page is now something that wants to be feeded with some money from time to time. If you want to support me and keep this page alive you are very welcome to make a small donation on the right hand side. Thank you in advance.
19th May 2013
I've added a new and re-designed section for running projects.
03rd May 2013
EDRM-Repaints has now become a member of facebook. For you this means more and faster information about my projects, even without a facebook-acount. Furthermore WIP-pictures are presented over there. You can reach the page by clicking on the black facebook-icon on the top right corner of the website. I look forward to seeing you there!
02nd April 2013
The new Downloads section is completed.
28th March 2013
The homepage now presents the new design. I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy surfing!
28th March 2013
Downloads are now organized in a new structure. Some changes in the single manufacturer pages will follow within the next days.